Wooden Windows

There are a number of benefits to choosing wooden window frames over other materials such as uPVC or metal. Wooden window frames are: Attractive – wooden window frames look great in any home and particularly suit older homes and period properties. You can tailor your wooden window frames to suit your home by choosing from a variety of wood types such as oak, mahogany or maple, which each achieve a different look. Wood can also be painted, stained or carved to further customise your window frames. Environmentally friendly – as a natural material, wooden window frames are automatically more eco-friendly than manmade options such as metal or uPVC, especially if the wood is sustainably sourced, meaning that trees are replanted to replace timber. You can also choose to use reclaimed timber to make your wooden window frames more eco-friendly. Naturally insulating – wood is a naturally insulating material, which means that wooden window frames help to retain heat within your home, which will in turn lower your household carbon emissions, keep your home warm and reduce your fuel bills. Long lasting – if properly maintained, wooden window frames can last a lifetime and resist wear and tear well. Wood is still the best for windows and TOPEURO is our original and most popular inward opening window. For the best warmth and sound isolation, top quality insulation materials are used with a profile of up to 92 mm. TOPEURO window line is suitable for use in Traditional and Modern building.


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