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Increasingly people are choosing to improve their houses rather than to move home and home extensions have become very popular in the last few years. Today bi-folding doors are an integral element in house extensions and renovation. Doors our company offer to the clients  are an ideal and affordable option for anyone looking for an attractive, flexible way to access the great outdoors. Bi-folding doors allow the light to flood into your home, enhancing its sense of space and bringing the outside in during the summer months. They open very wide, significantly wider than even the largest patio doors. Several opening configurations available – possible to open doors inwards or outwards, for example, and you can have them folding to the right or to the left. Whatever suits the available space and your individual requirements. When closed, depending on how they are configured, they can allow for a single exit/entry, the size of a single door, without the need to open the bi-folding door fully.

Burglars generally break in at the rear of properties because they are less likely to be observed.  The security of all doors and windows is always crucial; however bi-folding doors create such a big glazed area that it is particularly important that they be secure.  Bi-folding doors are extremely secure, some systems offer more than the standard locking systems, for example, 8 point locks, including bolts which lock into both the top and bottom of the frame.

Most importantly, such kind of doors give a sense of freedom, openness and space, connecting the outside of your home to the inside, and during summer they are simply glorious.

  • The system is resistant to wind, cold, damp-proof, meet all the windows posed tightness, thermal insulation requirements;
  • You can choose the complete set from the corresponding number of leaf;
  • The security is very important - the door can be completed by selecting the appropriate levels of security.
  • Available colors of glass packages to choose from;
  • The profile could be chosen from various depth profiles.;
  • Possible to choose from many part variations.


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