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Wooden doors are made of high quality dried, well-assembled and glued wood, which is resistant to the temperature and the relative humidity changes. Nicely captured wood "pattern" makes doors more exceptional. Solid wood doors, differently from laminated doors are resistant to mechanical damage, external impact, they can be repaired (this is especially important in the long run)

  • Wood heat and sound insulation compared to the possibility of other substances are much better.
  • Wood thermal expansion coefficient is the lowest compared to the other materials used in the manufacture of doors, for that reasons doors are stable and durable.
  • During the manufacturing process, special and new technological solutions are applied, so the doors are resistant to environmental effects;
  • Doors can be so blind and glazed, smooth or corrugated, depending on the customer's wish, thus, their pattern and color will be able to adapt to any interior.
  • Today, wooden furniture, doors, windows are regarded as high quality and not cheap purchase. Wooden windows keep the warmth in the house, furniture creates the impress of naturalness and comfort, wooden doors will create a special interior and decorates your home space.

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