Doors » Wooden Lift and Slide (HS)


Currently, more and more popular is the large areas of glazing. We offer our clients sliding terace doors, which provide excellent thermal insulation and security. Sliding terace doors can be lifted - sliding, folding or tilt - sliding. Usually customers want ultra wide access to the terrace, and as much uncovered view of the nature as possible, so we can offer a glazed area (depends of door type) from 6.3 - 18 meters, and 2.5 meter. Various terace doors provide the functionality:

  • Minimum space occupation when open it;
  • Good thermal insulation properties;
  • The doors are secure;
  • Micro-ventilation;
  • Wooden doors can be wrought aluminum (choice between different colors according to RAL);
  • Plastic sliding patio doors could be choosen from the available colors.

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