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JSC DIA HOME offers its customers outwards opening windows, in other words, Scandinavian type windows. Scandinavian type windows are particularly suitable for windy  areas. Technologically opening window even more fits to the frame in strong wind, in that way window system becomes even more airtight and retains heat at home. Scandinavian- type windows, as well as the European - type windows are made of 68 mm, 78mm, or 92mm glued wood beam. Client can choose two or three glasses a package (glazing), depending on the desired heat coefficient. Produced window quality and technical characteristics meets the high Scandinavian quality standards. During the manufacturing process we uses only the highest quality organic materials and modern technology, so these windows meet strict European quality requirements as well.

JSC DIA HOME offers wooden windows, cladded with aluminum. The coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower (better) than the usual wooden windows. From the outer side of the window aluminum wood provides maximum protection against unwanted atmospheric factors in the same way allows the wood to "breathe". Those windows do not need special care.
  • Cladded aluminum wooden window frame is protected from harmful environmental effects - rain, snow, dust, sun rays. You'll be able to forget the window repainting or restorations.
  • Correct operations of the aluminum clad windows makes them almost eternal.
  • Aluminium is highly resistant to external influences and quite light, so the window opening mechanism does not load extra weight.

Glass covers about 80 percent of the window area. Therefore, the selection of high-quality glass and glazing package is particularly important in order to maximize the window light and heat conduction properties. DIA HOME UAB offers its customers a different wooden window glazing options:

  • Double glazing;
  • Triple glazing.

Standard Glass thickness is 24 mm , 36 mm, 40 mm , 44 mm. In specific customer needs, we can produce 50 mm and 56 mm glazing. Available heat transfer coefficient Ug 0.5 W / ( m2K ) .

We guarantee all declared glass features as they are tried in notified laboratories and certified by the CE mark.

The basic properties of glass: heat preservation, noise reduction, natural light transmission or depression.

DIA HOME UAB offers to cover Wooden window outside with any RAL color. Iinside of the wooden windowcoverage our customers can choose from several available options:

  • Cover in the same RAL color as the outter wooden window's side (the cheapest option);
  • Cover wooden window's inner side with an other RAL color;
  • Varnish with a transparent lacquer and leave the natural wood color;
  • Varnish with a colored lacquer and leave the natural wood texture.

Meanwhile, aluminum cladded wooden windows can be colored in a  powder way in any RAL color or giving them a silver shade.

Each client according to their needs can choose outward windows from all these opening options:

  • Side Hung Window (SH). Hinges are the oldest type of window hardware still in use and side hung windows are still the most common Scandinavian type window. As a hinge has its turning point outside the window, the sash can open wide and - depending on the positioning of the frame in the wall, it can be opened to be level with the wall. This type of window has often several sashes per window and it is custom to open one window in order to clean the outside of another through the opened window.

  • Side Swing 90 degrees Window. A side swing window is a modern outward opening window, where the sash typically can be opened to 90 degrees in the horizontal plane. This function is usable on smaller windows up to a sash width of 900 mm, where it is necessary to be able to clean the window from the inside.

  • Side Swing 180 degrees Window. A side swing window is a modern outward opening window, where the sash can be turned approx. 170 degrees on the horizontal plane. This function is usable on smaller windows up to a sash width of 900 mm. As the sash turns almost fully around, it is very easy to clean the window from the inside.

  • Top Hung Window (TH). A top hung window is an outward-opening window hinged at the top. This is a traditional Scandinavian type of window, which has been used for many years. Today this type of window is often used as a ventilation window placed over larger windows or as a separate window in side buildings, garages or similar buildings.

  • Top Swing 180 degrees Window. A top swing 180 degrees window is a modern outward opening window, where the sash can be turned approx. 170 degrees on the vertical plane. This function is especially usable, where it is necessary that the window can be cleaned from the inside. As the sash turns outside the frame, this type of window also has the advantage, that it can be opened without removing flowers, curtains and other decorations from the windowsill.

  • Canopy Stay Windows (TS). A canopy stay window is a modern outward opening window, where the sash opens out in a vertical plane.This type of window is very common in modern Scandinavian family houses today. They open less outwards than a top hung window, but they still provide more ventilation. When opening, the sash slides down in the top and thereby provides ventilation also in the top of the windows.












































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