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Boasting a clear, slender form and a high level of functionality the window system ARCADE offers a profile depth of 71 mm to award windows high-stability and good thermal insulation. This all-round profile also allows builders and contractors with a restricted budget to benefit from a high-quality solution for contemporary building. The good thermal insulation values additionally save energy and save money. The profiles of the line Arcade are technically well-proven classic designs and extremely popular due to their excellent cost-benefit ratio. With their elegant looks they also meet demanding design requirements. Arcade provides an economic, consistent and timeless solution for elegant windows and facades. There are many different colours and designs for you to choose from: Arcade is available in two different designs with 20° bevels as classic offset or semi-offset round version.


  • 71 mm system, 5 chambers
  • Frame insulation value Uf = 1.2 W/m2K
  • The insulation value of the entire window Uw up to 0.74 W/m2K exceeds by far the values of the Regulation EnEV 2014 (Uw ≤ 1.3 W/m2K). Eligible for KfW financial support (German Reconstruction Loan Corporation)
  • semi-offset and offset sashes, 20° bevels 
  • Accommodates glazing with a thickness of up to 47 mm for thermal or acoustic insulation 
  • Inner 2-foot glazing bead for enhanced burglary protection 
  • Two framed weldable TPE seals 
  • Soundproofing up to 44 dB (noise protection class 4)
  • 40 different laminated foil colours


Glass covers about 80 percent of the window area. Therefore, the selection of high-quality glass and glazing package is particularly important in order to maximize the window light and heat conduction properties. The biggest thermal insulation could be reached with a right choice of quality glass package (glazing). So when you are choosing the glazing for a plastic windows it is worth to pay attention to factors which must ensure quality glazing:

  • As low heat transfer outside as possible;                                                 
  • As high day ligh transfer inside as possible;
  • Watertight;
  • Long life and durability.


It is worth to mention that we offer our clients the glass packages with selective glasses. This glass is coated with a thin metallic oxide layer which retains a heat. Selective glass is placed inside of the glass package and it reflects heat back into the room. Window glazing with a new generation of soft selective glass coating spends 3 times less heat to the outside than regular glass package. It is also worth to  notice that selective glass minimize light transfer to the room (80-86%  light entering).






We offer a variety of thicknesses and different functionality 2-and 3-glass windows, which, depending on the client's needs using different types of glass and aluminum or a special warm frame. Standard insulating glass thickness of 40 mm to 44 mm. In the specific customer needs, as well as choosing a passive windows (ENERGY PASSIVE) we offer our customers 50 mm and 56 mm glass packages. With a such triple-glass, argon gas-filled glazing,  we can reach thermal conductivity coefficient up to Ug 0.5 W/(m2K) of glass.
Typically, the windows are glazed with a glass, which are made of glass with a thickness of 4 mm, at large constructions in order to isolate noise, and to keep construction stable we use  glass of 6 mm thick. Also, we offer our clients the matt, sun protected, laminated (secure) glazing.
Seeking optimum quality at an affordable price, experts recommend to make one of the glasses selective. This is a good decision, because selective glass on the inner side of the window  represents a sufficiently high thermal resistance and losing a small amount of the suny light transfer.

*** We guarantee all declared features of the glass, because they are tested in  notified laboratories and certified by the CE marking.



Coloured windows and doors emphasise design features and have a decisive impact on the facade. The wide selection of Inoutic window colours offers practically unlimited design possibilities and underscores a deep understanding of traditional and contemporary architecture. The coloured foils are either applied on one side or on two sides. Client can combine our colours in many different ways and even give your windows a different look on the inside and outside. The high quality and extremely durable laminated foils satisfy highest design and quality demands. Even years later the colours remain just as fresh as they were on the first day. They are also easy to care for and extremely resistant to temperatures and UV. The colours are available for the window profiles, roller shutter boxes, lift and sliding doors and front doors.


DEC.647 / 46 Titanium White
Renolit no.


DEC.925 / 60 White Aluminium
Renolit no.


DEC.911 / 61 Grey Aluminium /
Renolit no.


DEC.649 / 64 Thorium Grey /
Renolit no.


EC.921 / 62 Graphite Black /
Renolit no.


DEC.004 / 99 Grey / Renolit no. 715505


DEC.026 / 22 Mahogany / Renolit no. 2065021


DEC.110 / 48 Golden Oak / Renolit no. 2178001


DEC.072 / 12 Anthracite / Renolit no. 701605


DEC.154 / 21 Walnut / Renolit no. 2178007


DEC.006 / 66 Green / Renolit no. 612505


DEC.025 / 34 Moor Oak / Renolit no. 2052089


DEC.012 / 11 Brown / Renolit no. 851805


DEC.019 / 45 Pure White / Renolit no. 915205


DEC.027 / 88 Red / Renolit no. 308105


DEC.096 / 47 Cream White / Renolit no. 137905


DEC.644 / 84 Wine Red / Renolit no. 300505


DEC.907 / 94 Light Grey / Renolit no. 725105


DEC.134 / 67 Moss Green / Renolit no. 600505


DEC.068 / 72 Quartz Grey / Renolit no. 703905


DEC.079 / 78 Steel Blue / Renolit no. 515005


DEC.071 / 76 Brilliant Blue / Renolit no. 500705


DEC.008 / 13 Chocolate Brown / Renolit no. 887505


DEC.623 / 43 Oregon 4 / Renolit no. 1192001


DEC.640 / 41 Mountain Pine / Renolit no. 3069041


DEC.146 / 81 Rustic Cherry / Renolit no. 3214007*


DEC.638 / 18 Nevada / Cova no. 49198


DEC.656 / 57 Cherry Amaretto /
Hornschuch no. 436-3034*


DEC.402 / 24 Cherry-Douglas-fir / Renolit no. 3152009


DEC.672 / 82 Soft Cherry / Renolit no. 3214009*


DEC.605 / 19 Tuscany / Cova no. 49195


DEC.673 / 83 Cherry Blossom / Renolit no. 3214008*


DEC.115 / 33 Oak ST-G / Renolit no. 3156003


DEC.144 / 25 Macore / Renolit no. 3162002


DEC.145 / 80 Irish Oak / Renolit no. 3211005*


DEC.111 / 29 Black Cherry / Renolit no. 3202001


DEC.625 / 92 Signal Grey smooth /
Renolit no. 700405-083


DEC.628 / 08 Basalt Grey smooth /
Hornschuch no. 436-7048


DEC.651 / 07 Grey smooth / Hornschuch no. 436-7049


DEC.666 / 02 Anthracite smooth /
Hornschuch no. 436-7003


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